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Champions League and Europa League decided by mini tournaments

UEFA is considering a plan to finish the Champions League and the Europa League in four days by mini tournaments following the coronavirus pandemic. That plan is definitely on the table for the upcoming UEFA convene on Tuesday.

According to some reports European football's governing body is considering the option the final two stages of both competitions to be played in just few days later this year.

It is expected that a number of options will be presented to ease fixture congestion and on Tuesday Aleksander Čeferin, UEFA president, will sit with delegates from 55 nations to try come up with a solution as how the remaining season must be finished.

There are different options on how both competitions should end and one of the options is having just one leg for the CL and EL quarter-finals and semi-finals this season.

However, it is understood that no option is off-limits, UEFA is keen for all leagues to be finished to determine who will be promoted, who will go to relegation, who are the champions, and who has qualified for future European competitions.

There was an option to cancel all European football, but it is the least - favoured option for now.

According to the Daily Telegraph, from UEFA are considering to move the semi-finals and the final of the Champions League in Istanbul. If they agree to that it will mean that the semi-finals and the final of Europa League will take place in Polish city of Gdansk.

However, UEFA will have conference on Tuesday to discuss the options. But the proposal of a four-day completion of the competitions is definitely going to reduce the travel and the chance of getting infected with the virus.

UEFA are also expected to confirm the future of the Euro 2020. For now it is believed that the competition will be pushed back to November and December, but there is still the option to be postponed for next summer.

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