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Paul Pogba provoked Man United fans

Paul Pogba posted a video on his Instagram profile showing how he is doing during the coronavirus pandemic.

He showed how he is training while he is out of the pitch for at least one more week.

Nothing wrong right? Well think again.

He provoked all Manchester United fans as he was wearing his Juventus jersey again.

Speculations about his leaving raised again in the comments below.

It is not secret that the French World Cup winner wants to leave Manchester United for quite some time.

When Mourinho was in charge of the Red Devils he did not get along with the 27-year-old Frenchman.

During Mourinho reign Pogba was on the verge of leaving Man United, because he was disappointed by United's performance, but when

Ole Gunnar Solskjær came in charge the Red Devils turned their season around and successfully eliminated PSG from the Champions League.

However, Paul Pogba perfectly understands the consequences of his act and he added in the caption: "I know the cheeky ones will talk about the Juventus jersey. I'm just supporting my friends ... that's all, nothing more).

The Frenchman played for Juventus for a long time and he remain friends with most of his old teammates.

He posted that video on his Instagram profile showing his support to his friend Blaise Matuidi.

Matuidi has tested positive for the coronavirus and it was officially confirmed by Juventus on Tuesday.

He became the second Juventus player who got infected with COVID-19 after his teammate Daniele Rugani has infected with the virus last Wednesday.

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