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IRON GIANT Cristiano Ronaldo

Ever wondered what Cristiano Ronaldo would look like as a huge, robotic titan? Well, you won't anymore thanks to Italian carnival organisers.

Every year thousands flock to celebrate the Carnival of Viareggio, held in Tuscany.

The main characteristic of the event sees a parade of floats and masks of influential people such as politicians and sportsmen.

Ronaldo, who made history at the weekend when he scored in a 10th consecutive match for Juventus, was depicted as a huge robot covered in armour while flexing his muscles.

Ronaldo's float has a steampunk aesthetic, with the Juve "IDOL" towering over just about everything as it proceeded ominously along the street.

The silver figure was also partially animated, which only made it even more awe-inspiring. The figure had ability to move his eyes and open his mouth.

Even though Ronaldo's face was slightly terrifying, the figure is still very astonishing.