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Kevin De Bruyne not sure if he contracted COVID-19

Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne thinks he and his family had contracted the coronavirus, while being under quarantine.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic all sport events were suspended and the Premier League has been halted since March, and no further decision has been made on when it will be safe to resume it.

The Citizens star De Bruyne had been struck down with an illness recently, but the Belgian admits that he is already feeling better as well as his family.

The 28-year-old Belgian international admits that he is not sure whether he contracted the virus, but he remained in self-isolation during the period he was sick.

“I am doing well, to be honest,” said De Bruyne in an interview with Sky Sports.

Manchester City playmaker and his family decided to stay in Manchester during the lockdown.

“The first two weeks my family was sick so it was a little bit like up and down, but now they are all healthy.

“We don’t know if we had it [coronavirus] or not but I think we’re doing well now.”

The 28-year-old is trying to stay fit despite being under quarantine.

“I managed to get a treadmill. I was swimming a little bit because I’m lucky to have a pool downstairs.

“I was doing a couple of lengths but now mostly I’m doing a run and I would say every other day I would choose between swimming and doing some exercise, so I’m keeping fairly good for what we can on our own, I guess.”

The Belgian was asked whether City are sending them programmes to train during the lockdown and he answered: “They send us like a fairly big programme.

“I think at the beginning of lockdown some of the gym physios went to the club and made videos of what we can do, different types of exercises.

“But there’s a few things that I like to do, obviously it’s more the running and the swimming exercise.

“I get bored of doing stuff on my own anyway so I prefer to do running, where I keep busy for myself and listen to some podcasts and all that stuff.”

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