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Serie A teams set to resume training in May

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte made a statement that the professional sports teams can return to training on May 18.

There have not been any Serie A matches since March 9, when the government placed a nationwide lockdown.

There are still twelve rounds left to play from the Serie A, plus four other games that were postponed from the 25th round. The Italian Cup was also suspended after the first leg of the semi-finals.

Conte stated that the government will "work with experts" in order to monitor the situation in the country and decide whether it is safe to finish the suspended championships.

The athletes will be free to return to individual training from May 4. From this date the public parks and gardens will reopen and the people will be free to visit their relatives who live in the same region.

"Minister for Sport, Vincenzo Spadafora, will work alongside experts and the football league system to find a path that we have already started to define with individual training from May 4 and group sessions from May 18," said the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

"We will then evaluate if the conditions are in place to be able to complete the suspended leagues. If we do reach that conclusion, we'll certainly do so while guaranteeing maximum safety measures.

"We love our footballing idols and don't want them to get ill."

Conte also stressed the importance of keeping the social distance practices once restrictions are eased.

After the parks are reopened and free to visit there will be some restrictions on how many people are allowed to be in one place to avoid crowding. During family visits, people will have to wear masks and also there are no parties allowed.