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Aguero: "The majority of players are scared"

Sergio Aguero believes that "the majority of the players are scared" to return when the season resumes, as he thinks it is too early.

The Premier League is still determined to finish the current 2019/20 season and they are due to hold a meeting on Friday regarding "Project Restart" and when will be safe to resume the season.

It is reported that the restart of the season might be as early as June 8.

The government will allow to the football players to return to the training ground, but they have to train in small groups.

Sergio Aguero has been spending the quarantine in his house in Cheshire and the 31-year-old Argentinian is expected to return to training in couple of weeks.

However, Aguero thinks that it is too soon to return as most of the players are still scared of the virus.

"The majority of players are scared because they have family, they have children, they have babies, parents," said Aguero to the Spanish TV programme .

"It does scare me but I have just been here with my girlfriend, I haven't had contact with other people and they say that to contract the disease is very rare and difficult but they say that there are people who have it, and they don't have symptoms and they can infect you.

"That's why I've stayed at home. You can be infected and you don't know anything about it."

Manchester City training ground at Etihad remains closed and the players train following their individual programmes made by the club.

The club manager, Pep Guardiola and some of the other football players might have to go under self-isolation when they return to England as a precaution.

Fernandinho, Gabriel Jesus, Ederson, Rodri, Bernardo Silva and David Silva are among the players who left Britain and now when they return they will have to go under 14 days self-isolation.

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