Manchester City Real Madrid

Manchester City vs Real Madrid with set date

The second leg of the Champions League clash between Manchester City and Real Madrid is due to be played on August 7.

The fixture will be played 174 days after Manchester City beat Real Madrid at Santiago Bernabeu, and now Pep Guardiola's side has two away goals.

If everything goes according to the plan, Zinedine Zidane's side will have almost three months time for preparation.

By that time, August 7, the Los Blancos are expected to be finished with their 11 remaining LaLiga fixtures and they will train for the second clash with the Citizens.

Before the suspension of the Champions League, Manchester City were favoured to win the second leg against the Spanish giants and they are even in the bookmaker’s favourites to win this season’s competition.

But at this point anything is possible as we could not be sure in what form the both teams are in.

However, according to Marca, UEFA are determined to finish the current campaign as they schedule that to happen in August.

On May 27, UEFA is expected to come up with a decision on when the Champions League and the Europa League are supposed to resume.

For now as it was reported from UEFA believe that they could finish the tournaments within a month.

The dates for the second leg between Barcelona-Napoli, Juventus-Lyon and Bayern Munich-Chelsea are yet to be determined.

However, Real Madrid major priority is winning the LaLiga title, but Zidane's side still has their eyes on the Champions League trophy.

If the Los Blancos manage to win both LaLiga and the Champions League that will be a huge financial blast for the team.

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