Ronaldo Juventus training

Ronaldo shocked everyone at Juventus

Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo shocked everyone at Juventus.

The Portuguese player showed an amazing form despite the fact he was training individually in the past three months due to the coronavirus pandemic which caused suspension in every football league.

After being physically tested the results showed that Ronaldo is actually in better shape than before the suspension of the Serie A.

Ronaldo is already 35-years-old, but he proved that he is still better than most of his teammates. The Juventus star spent the quarantine in his hometown Madeira, where he managed to stay in shape.

However, Ronaldo's teammate Gonzalo Higuain on the other hand has returned to Juventus training well-short of match fitness.

Photos of the former Real Madrid striker emerged on the social media and the football fans were less-than complimentary about how the 32-year-old looked.

There were some very cruel comments such as that he "looked like he had been on a diet of Domino's" during the lockdown.

John Mitchell posted that he is "looking like Tony Soprano" after returning to training.

Another wrote that he "was on lockdown socially distancing from healthy food".

However, Juventus are now back to training as they are preparing for the restart of the season. The Serie A is set to resume on June 20 after three months without action due to the coronavirus.

Juventus are currently on the top of the league's table, but their lead is fragile as Lazio are just point behind them.