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‘Cristiano Ronaldo was the ‘best at everything’

Cristiano Ronaldo is undoubtedly one of the greatest players of all time, let alone just football.

Ronaldo is well known for his relentless drive to be the best, combined with his work ethics and nature that always strives for more, means that even at 35, age that most of the players retire, he is still at top-level.

That has come as no surprise to the Portuguese forwards ex-Sporting Lisbon teammate Rodrigo Tello, who praised Cristiano as he witnessed some of his greatness.

“I had the opportunity to be the companion of a player as powerful as himself,” Tello told

“Cristiano’s mentality was totally different from that of a 17-year-old kid.”

Tello also compared Ronaldo to the NBA icon Michael Jordan, who starred in the Netflix documentary The Last Dance.

“It reminds me of [Michael] Jordan, competitive in everything. He used to do personalised training, even on the day of the game,” he added.

“We played table football, he was the best, we played pool, he was the best, we were going to do weights and he was the one who did the most.”

Meanwhile, Cristiano Ronaldo has become the first football player to be a billionaire, according to the latest research from Forbes.

Ronaldo is now the third sports person to reach the milestone, joining Tiger Woods and Floyd Mayweather Jr.