Edgar Davids Juventus

Why did Edgar Davids wear glasses?

Edgar Davids is one of the most recognizable football players in the history of football, not only for his skills on the pitch but also for his glasses, which he wore during the matches.

But have you ever wondered why the former Dutch international footballer was always wearing glasses during the games?

Why did Edgar Davids wear glasses?

Davids was an extremely talented football player and he helped Ajax win the Champions league in 1995. He even played for Juventus alongside the football icons Zinedine Zidane and Thierry Henry.

In 1999 Davids faced a difficult stage in his football career when his health was critical and it got clear that he might not play again. It all started four years earlier, in 1995 when the player suffered a serious head injury. Four years later it reflected on his vision as he needed to go under surgery for glaucoma.

Glaucoma is an eye disease that results in damage to the optic nerve and causes vision loss. That seriously reflected Davids' game and

the player got an operation on his right eye, which was a complete success. The Juventus staff and the fans were still worried that "The Pitbull" would be able to play again.

Edgar Davids' eyesight was stabilized due to the excellent treatment he received, but to play again and to return as soon as possible back to the pitch, he had to wear protective glasses since his eyes were weak.

What glasses did Edgar Davids wear?

Ever since David's started to wear the protective glasses he became a true fashion icon as he transformed this career challenge into an accessory. Everyone started to admire the Dutch for his mentality and shortly after that he became an idol for his fans.

Davids wore the original Water Jackets and let's admit it, he was looking very cool in them. Later, the former Dutch international switched to a pair of Nike glasses.

Did Edgar Davids always wear glasses whilst playing?

The answer is 'No'. Edgar Davids wore his iconic glasses for the first time on September 4, 1999.

He made his first team debut for Ajax on September 6, 1991. So, in the early stages of his professional football career, Davids didn’t wear glasses.

Edgar Davids will be remembered for his fiery temper and excellent technical skills, but most importantly for his fashion sense.

He was even ranked as one of the most stylish players in football history as he managed to turn his weakness into fashion.

Do any other players wear glasses on the pitch?

Edgar Davids is the most famous player, who wore glasses, but he is not the only one wearing them during matches. Nowadays, players wear contact lenses rather than glasses, but it’s usually to protect their eyes rather than to purely help their vision.

Alex Song, the former Arsenal player, wore glasses to prevent an eye infection.

Joop van Daele wore regular spectacles during the matches. Once his glasses were destroyed by the opposition after he scored the winning goal.

Armand Jurion was another player, who used to wear glasses during games.

Are there any rules regarding the wearing of glasses on the pitch?

The Football Association (The FA) recommends glasses should have polycarbonate lenses and a sports band not temple pieces should secure the frame. Good polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable and will sustain the impact of a ball or finger.  

Referees should ensure the players are not a danger to themselves or any other player on the pitch.