Fred Man United wife Monique Salum

Fred wife - Monique Salum

Fred Rodrigues has been with Manchester United since 2018 and he has been the perfect addition to their squad as he helped the Red Devils strengthen their midfield area.

However, we believe that you are here to read not about Fred's professional career, but you rather want learn more about what he has managed to accomplish off the pitch.

Is Fred married, and if he is then who is his wife? Does he have children and so on, so let's begin.

Who is Fred wife?

Manchester United midfielder, Fred, has been married for two years to the beautiful Monique Salum.

The couple met when Fred was still playing for Shakhtar Donetsk and made their relationship public in 2016. Two years later, in 2018, Fred was already convinced that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Monique and he proposed to her in a very romantic way.

In the summer of 2018, Fred and Monique tied the knot, but they did not make any big wedding ceremonies.

However, in 2019, they decided to celebrate their love with their friends and families, so they organized a big wedding, which was attended by all of the people that are close to them.

They made the wedding right before Manchester United preseason matches so after the wedding, Fred had to flight back to Australia to train with the team.

Who is Monique Salum?

Now after we learned how Fred met his wife, let's take a closer look into Monique Salum biography.

Monique Salum was born on March 31, 1994, which means that her age is 26. According to her birthday Monique's zodiac sign is Aries.

Monique was born in Brazil, such as her husband, so her nationality is Brazilian. Monique Salum religion is Christian and she was even baptised by Liverpool's goalkeeper Alisson Becker, as Monique is very close friends with Natalia Loewe, Alisson's wife.

Many people are curious about Monique Salum height as she is apparently taller than Fred, whose height is 5ft 7in(1.70m). She appears to stand at around 5ft 9ins(1.75m).

However, she is not only beautiful, but she is very smart too, as Monique graduated from the University Centre of Belo Horizonte, and now her job is as a chemical engineer.

She is currently working at the Centre for the Development of Nuclear Technology.

Monique Salum is also very active on her Instagram account and she is quite famous, as she has nearly 95K followers.

Monique often posts pictures of her family vacations and apparently she loves to travel. Salum and Fred have been all around the world together, as they have visited places like Santorini, Maldives, Miami, Paris and of course Dubai.

The couple live in Manchester, England, due to Fred's work, but Monique often travels to her homeland to visit her parents.

Fred and Monique Salum family

Fred and Monique have been blessed with one child, but we expect that there are more to follow.

On January 17, 2019, Monique Salum gave birth to Fred's first son - Benjamin Rodrigues.

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