Last Updated: October 31st 2020, 1:58 pm

Matthijs de Ligt girlfriend - Annekee Molenaar

De Ligt Juventus wife AnneKee Molenaar

Matthijs de Ligt has been one of the best young defenders in the world at the moment.

The young Dutch has won the title with Juventus in his debut season, but we believe that you are not here to read about his professional achievements.

Who is Matthijs de Ligt girlfriend?

The Dutch international has been in a long-term relationship with the beautiful Annekee Molenaar.

The two started to date first in early 2018 and they have been together ever since then.

De Ligt started to date Molenaar right after he separated from his ex-girlfriend, who he had dated for quite some time. Despite being only 21 years old, De Ligt had several serious relationships behind his back, and we hope that this with Annekee will stand through out the time.

Who is Annekee Molenaar?

Now, we would like to focus your attention on Annekee Molenaar biography.

Annekee Molenaar's birthday is on September 14. She was born in 1999, which means that her age is currently 20, but she is about to turn 21 and according to Annekee Molenaar's date of birth, her zodiac sign is Virgo.

Annekee Molenaar was born in Zaandam, Netherlands. She comes from a football family, as her father, Kees 'Keje' Molenaar, was a football player.

Annekee also has a younger brother, Jip Molenaar, who is also a football player, who plays as a centre-back for FC Volendam U21.

Annekee Molenaar is well renowned for her modeling career. She has the perfect measurements for a model, as Molenaar height is 178cm(5'10''). She has been on the covers of many famous magazines including F-magazine and Vogue.

However, her profession and her relationship with one of the best young defenders, has brought her fame. Annekee Molenaar is very popular on Instagram as she has more than 451K followers, with who she often shares snaps of her latest adventures with De Ligt.

You can check Annekee Molenaar Instagram here.

However, on Insta Annekee also shares pictures on which we can easily see her perfectly formed abs and her great body. This kind of body is only accomplished with the right diet and the proper workout program, which Annekee Molenaar obviously has.

Annekee Molenaar likes to keep her body moving and the perfect way for her to do that is to practice yoga. She does it on a daily basis, as it is very good for the body.

Matthijs de Ligt and Annekee Molenaar are one big happy family.

Well, not exactly, as they are apparently too young to have children, but they have two big dogs, who they consider as part of the family.

The dogs are named Cara Luna and Bella.