Last Updated: 31/10/2020, 11:58 am

Ollie Watkins girlfriend - Ellie Alderson

Ollie Watkins had a phenomenal season with Brentford in the 2019/20 campaign. He had been a key part of their team, but eventually he joined Aston Villa in the 2020/21 season.

The young forward even won EFL player of the year 19/20.

However, we are here to learn more about his personal life and to be more specific about his stunning girlfriend, so let's begin.

Who is Ollie Watkins girlfriend?

Ollie Watkins has been in a relationship with Ellie Aldreson since late 2018.

As it seems they were meant to be together, considering that their names even sound similar.

Who is Ellie Alderson?

Let's dig in deeper into Ellie Alderson biography and learn more about her.

Ellie Alderson was born on June 3, 1996, which means that her age is 25. According to her birthday, Alderson zodiac sign is Gemini.

There is no official information where was Ellie Alderson born, but we know for a fact that she was born in England, meaning that her nationality is English.

Interesting fact about Ellie Alderson is that she has a twin sister, Sofia Alderson.

You just can't tell the difference,right!

Ellie Alderson has graduated university with a diploma in Interior design.

Her occupation is an interior designer.

However, Ellie is also living a life of an Instagram influencer.

She is very popular on the social media and she keeps her audience engaged with her life with fancy snaps.

You can check Ellie Alderson Instagram here.

Just like Matt Targett's girlfriend, Jasmin Buckle, Ellie prefers to get rid of the clothes and the items that she is no longer using. Ellie Alderson uses Depop for this purpose.

Ellie Alderson loves to travel and she always takes the chance to visit new countries.

She has been to places like Paris, New York, Las Vegas and even Barbados.

Aside from that she is also very supportive to her boyfriend.

She always tries to show Ollie Watkins her unconditional support.