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Juan Foyth Wife - Ariana Alonso

Ariana Alonso is the stunning wife of the Argentinian player Juan Foyth. We show you all the details about the woman who conquered the heart of the Villarreal and Tottenham Hotspur player Juan Foyth.

Juan Foyth is one of the most promising young players at the moment. Despite being so young Juan found the love of his life and he married her, so here you will learn everything there is to know about her.

Who is Juan Foyth's wife?

Juan Foyth is married to his childhood sweetheart Ariana Alonso. Juan and Ariana met back in 2014 and they started dating right away as it was love at first sight.

In January 2019, Juan decided that it was finally time to take the next step in his relationship with Ariana and he proposed to her.

In July 2019, Juan Foyth and Ariana Alonso tied the knot in a lavish wedding ceremony attended by many guests. Their wedding took place in their hometown, La Plata, Argentina.

Who is Ariana Alonso?

Ariana Alonso is mostly known for being the wife of the Argentinian player, Juan Foyth.

Ariana Alonso is a devoted mother that takes great care of her child.

Now let's take a closer look into Ariana Alonso's biography and learn more about her.

Ariana Alonso Bio

Ariana Alonso was born on March 11, 1998, so her age is 24.

According to her birthday, Ariana's zodiac sign is Pisces, which means that she has experimental nature. Usually people born under the sign of Pisces are always willing to try something new and as a result, they may have been through many phases and periods of reinvention.

Ariana Alonso was born in La Plata, Argentina, meaning that her nationality is Argentinian such as her husband's.

Ariana Alonso Family

Ariana Alonso's family is under review at the moment, so stay tuned for further information.

Ariana has not disclosed any info regarding her parents, so we don't know anything about her mother and her father. There is no information regarding her siblings as well, so we don't know if she has brothers or sisters.

Ariana Alonso Education

Ariana Alonso graduated high school in her hometown in Argentina. Unfortunately there is no information whether she enrolled in university or not.

Ariana Alonso Professional Career

Ariana Alonso's job is under review at the moment, so stay tuned for further information.

Ariana has not disclosed anything about her professional life, but we believe that she is currently a full-time mother, who is taking care of her child.

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Ariana Alonso Net Worth

Ariana Alonso's net worth is unknown, but we are reviewing the topic, so as soon as we have more information we will update the article.

Juan Foyth's net worth on the other hand is well known. Juan Foyth's net worth is estimated to be over €3 Million.

Foyth's annual salary is around €1.4 Million and his weekly wage is €27,439.

Ariana Alonso Social Media

Ariana Alonso is very famous on social media. She has over 27K followers on Instagram, where she likes to post lovely snaps of her and Juan and their little baby boy.

You can check Ariana Alonso's Instagram here.

Ariana Alonso and Juan Foyth's Children

Ariana Alonso and Juan Foyth might be still very young but they already have one child.

In February 2021, Ariana gave birth to Juan Foyth's son, Noah Foyth.