Meet Ruben Dias' Stunning Girlfriend April Ivy!

Manchester City defender Ruben Dias has been voted the best player of the season in the English league. For his first season in the English league, it is a real performance for the 24-year-old. Signed in the summer of 2020 for 68 million euros by Pep Guardiola, the youngster has impressed throughout the season. He even made better his central defence partner John Stones, returned to his best level since the arrival of the Portuguese by his side. His sweetheart, April Ivy, has a lot to be proud of. April Ivy and Ruben Dias have been dating for the last two years and the pair has been inseparable ever since.

Ivy, Music Star in Portugal!

April Ivy, his girlfriend, is a music star in Portugal! The young nice woman was very successful, with a number 1 title for several weeks on the Portuguese iTunes, with her single "Be Ok". The player’s companion has signed up with Universal Music France and is finishing work on the production of a new album in London. She recently moved to Manchester to follow her boyfriend. Although the young woman is only 21 years old, she enjoyed the same success in her music career that her boyfriend won in football. In addition to being a singer, April Ivy also plays the guitar and has been practicing the instrument since the age of nine. The musician has toured theatres, delighting her followers, and sharing her lavish lifestyle with 131 000 Instagram followers.

A Promising Start in Music

April Ivy first made a name for herself in her home country, Portugal, as the voice of many characters in Disney films. A first experience in the artistic and musical universe which allows him to work on his voice, through the songs of the characters, and gradually gives him the desire to get started for good. Author of her texts and singing in English, the young woman arrives with a first single "Be Ok" which will be a great success.

She Posts on Social Networks

From the day she started dating Ruben Dias, April Ivy has been an unfailing support for the player and has been regularly spotted in the stands of soccer stadiums. The duo is quick to show their love on Instagram and post photos of them kissing after Ruben Dias wins a trophy. She declares her love for her boyfriend and doesn't hesitate to support him on social media: "I will always be there to support you Ruben Dias."

Ivy Loves to Bet on Her Boyfriend's Soccer Games!

An iconic football championship in Europe, the Premier League sees England's best football teams compete every year. The English league is not easy to predict due to the roughly equal level of the teams that make it up. But that does not stop April Ivy from betting to try to win the bet. She said on her Instagram account that she signed up with an online bookmaker and bet on her boyfriend's team every time he plays! Since the footballer was voted best player of the season in the English league, April Ivy was right to believe in him! To take advantage of the many benefits these online platforms offer, feel free to do like April Ivy and check out William Hill Sign Up Bonus Code.

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