Roberto Mancini Wife Silvia Fortini

Roberto Mancini Wife - Silvia Fortini

Established lawyer, Silvia Fortini is the wife of Roberto Mancini, and she is the founder of an important law firm in Rome. In the following article you will find many interesting facts about Silvia Fortini, so follow along.

Roberto Mancini was among the greatest of his generation. He made a name for himself not only as a great footballer, but also as a very talented coach. In 2015 he saw his name in the prestigious football Hall of Fame. Mancini resurrected Italy again and helped his team reach new heights. Italy set new records at the Euro 2020 thanks to Mancini.

Who is Roberto Mancini's wife

Roberto Mancini is married to the beautiful Italian woman Silvia Fortini. Roberto and Silvia started their relationship back in 2016 and after two years of dating the couple tied the knot in a private wedding ceremony attended by their closest friends and family members.

Before Roberto Mancini married Silvia Fortini, he was married to Federica Morelli. Roberto and Federica were married for a very long time as they were dating since the 80s. In 2015, reports started to emerge claiming that Roberto and Federica had separated and in 2016 they officially announced their divorce.

Roberto Mancini and Federica Morelli have three children together, two sons and a daughter. On October 13, 1990 Federica gave birth to Mancini's first son, Filippo Mancini. Two years later, on August 13, 1992, they welcomed their second son, Andrea Mancini. In 1997, Federica gave birth to Roberto Mancini's daughter Camilla Mancini. Many reports claim that Mancini's children get along with Silvia.

Who is Silvia Fortini?

Silvia Fortini is an established lawyer who is the founder of an important law firm in Rome. Little do we know about Silvia Fortini's private life before it was announced that she is in a relationship with the great Italy coach, Roberto Mancini.

Now let's take a closer look into Silvia Fortini's biography and learn as much as possible about her.

Silvia Fortini Bio

Silvia Fortini was born in 1978, so her age is 44. Unfortunately, we were unable to find the exact date of birth of Silvia Fortini. Due to the fact that Silvia Fortini's birthday is unknown we are not sure what her zodiac sign is.

Silvia Fortini was born in Rome, Italy, meaning that her nationality is Italian.

Silvia Fortini Family

Silvia Fortini's parents always supported their daughter and she grew up in a very good environment. Silvia has not disclosed any information regarding her mother and her father.

There is no information if Silvia has siblings or if she is the only child in the family.

Silvia Fortini Education

Silvia Fortini graduated high school in her hometown in Italy and she was one of the best students in her class. She always had a passion for studying, that's why she was an excellent student.

Right after her graduation from high school Silvia enrolled in university, where she studied Law. She has a master's degree and she successfully got her diploma.

Silvia Fortini Professional Career

Silvia Fortini is an established lawyer, who has her own law firm in Rome. She is the founder of

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Silvia Fortini Net Worth

The exact net worth of Silvia Fortini is not known, but we are working to find more information on the topic, so stay tuned.

Roberto Mancini's net worth is estimated to be over $45 million. He made most of his wealth during his playing career, but mostly from his career as a coach.

Roberto Mancini's salary as an Italian national team's manager is €3 million per year.

Silvia Fortini Social Media

Silvia Fortini is not the type of person who spends his time on social media. She prefers to manage her own firm rather than scroll through Instagram.

Silvia has an Instagram profile, but she uses it to promote her law firm and she does not have any posts and is only followed by her husband, Roberto Mancini. Her profile is private.

You can check Silvia Fortini's Instagram here, she goes by the nickname @silvia_fortini.

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