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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Girlfriends Through The Years

Since Ronaldo was 18 years old, he has been in the limelight. His every action — on and off the field — has been documented by fans and the media alike. The goals scored, the diet, the money made (for himself and gamblers on ), and of course, the love life.

Ronaldo is now 36 years of age. He’s happily linked to Georgina Rodriguez and is a father of four kids. But before pairing with Rodriguez, Ronaldo went through girlfriends like defenders on the pitch. With him returning to Manchester United — where he first burst onto the limelight — we wanted to highlight his previous relationships with women, a who’s-who list of beauties:

Merche Romero

One of Ronaldo’s first flings while with United was Romero. She’s a Portuguese model and the two were a thing throughout 2005 and 2006.

However, what made the relationship especially memorable was the age difference between the two. Romero is nine years older than Ronaldo. So while Ronaldo was barely 20 during the relationship, Romero was pushing 30. But hey, age is just a number right?

Nereida Gallardo

Ronaldo’s dated women of all nationalities — American, English, Portuguese, Spanish, etc. Gallardo was his mainstream foray with Spaniards, which his current lady, Rodrigues, also is.

The year 2008 was marked by Ronaldo’s first-ever Champions League title with Manchester and a steamy relationship with Gallardo. It would fizzle out rather quickly, but since then, Gallardo hasn’t been shy to criticize her former flame.

Gallardo has outright called Ronaldo a “coward.” According to her, Ronaldo cut off the relationship via text message. Given how fearlessly Ronaldo plays on the pitch, the story feels hard to believe, but hey, maybe Gallardo has found Ronaldo’s one weak spot — ending intimate relationships.

Irina Shayk

Between 2010 and 2015, Ronaldo and Shayk were almost inseparable. Red-carpet events, Ballon d’Or ceremonies, post-game festivities — the two were gracing it all altogether. It felt like the two were headed for marriage before they split with one another.

As a Russian model that’s previously graced the cover of , Shaynk has remained in the spotlight. In fact, she was recently linked with Kanye West, who’s fresh off a divorce from Kim Kardashian, speaking of which…

Kim Kardashian

Yes, Ronaldo and Kardashian may have had a thing — albeit a very short one. In 2010, so pre-West for Kardashian and pre-Shayk for Ronaldo, media reports came out that the two stars spent time together in Madrid. Perhaps it didn’t lead to a full-on relationship, but there was some sparks for at least a few nights.

Later that year, Karsahian made an appearance on Ryan Seacrest’s On Air show. He directly asked her about Ronaldo. Kardashian’s immediate response? “Next question” before saying they’re friends. If you ask us, where there’s smoke, there’s fire...

Paris Hilton

Before Kim Kardashian, there was Paris Hilton. The two women birthed the concept of “being famous for being famous” and being an influencer/personality. Welp, Ronaldo also dated Hilton and unlike Kardashian, there’s more speculation with Hilton.

Let’s go back to June 2009, a wild month for Ronaldo. Not only did he transfer from Manchester United to Real Madrid this month, but he was also seen partying with Hilton in a Los Angeles nightclub. And there’s no denying this encounter because there’s pictures of the two cozied up together.

But before things could get serious, the two went their separate ways and per reports, it was Hilton’s doing, not Ronaldo. A quote in the National Inqurier says, “she likes her guys to be macho and as far as she's concerned, Ronaldo turned out to be a real sissy.” Obviously, you never know what to believe in the tabloids, but this one’s wild if true.

With Ronaldo a few years away from hitting 40 and with four children — one of which came directly with Rodriguez — we sense his days of high-profile relationships are over. Judging by his interviews and social-media pictures, Ronaldo enjoys “dad life” more than ever, which runs counter to his former “playboy” lifestyle. But then again, you just never know with Ronaldo.

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