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Premier League season should be ‘null and void.’

West Ham vice-chairman Karren Brady believes that this season's Premier League should be declared "null and void" if it can't be finished due to the coronavirus outbreak.

All Premier League fixtures are postponed until April 4 at the earliest due to the threat of the coronavirus, but there are some clubs that feel the campaign will not be restarted again during the current season. However, there is yet to be a decision made on how the remaining campaign will be played out, there is going to be another meeting on Thursday to determine this.

It is still not clear what their decision will be, but if they decide to revoke this season the title won't be given to Liverpool under this circumstances.

Liverpool are now 25 points ahead of the second in the league's table Manchester City. They need only two wins to declare the Premier League title for the first time in 30 years.

Some reports have suggested that the Premier League clubs are in favour of Liverpool being awarded with the title, even if the season is not completed.

However, Brady believes that the only ‘reasonable’ decision is to revoke the Premier League season.

According to Sky Sports the vice-chairman Karren Brady stated: "Suspension of the Premier League was always a certainty.

"There is no dodging the possibility that all levels in the EFL, as well as the Premier League, will have to be cancelled and this season declared null and void because if the players can't play the games can't go ahead.

“As games in both the Premier League and EFL are affected, the only fair and reasonable solution is to declare the whole season null and void.”

Karren Brady will be part of the emergency meeting on Thursday where the future of the Premier League will be decided. Also on Tuesday UEFA will meet in conference call to decide the future of of Euro 2020, the Champions League and Europa League.

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