Son tottenham

Son to begin his military service

Martina Kostadinova
by Martina Kostadinova

Son Heung-min have to finish his military service for his country until July. Every man in South Korea is obliged to complete a military service for the country before he turn 28.

Tottenham star, Son will complete his four – week service after the lockdown in the country is lifted, as the club confirmed.

The military service in South Korea is 21-months, but after winning 2018 Asian Games, the 27-year-old player earned exemption and now he have to complete only four-weeks.

Son, who will turn 28 in July, had the club's permission to travel to his homeland and continue his injury recovery there. The forward got a fractured arm during Tottenham's 3-2 victory at Aston Villa and he underwent a surgery in February.

The Spurs confirmed that the South Korean player will return to England after he finishes his obligations to the military, which means that he will travel back to England in the end of May at earliest.

Jose Mourinho said that he is not expecting that the player will be able to play again this season, but there is still time for Son to recover as the campaign is being halted due to the pandemic.