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Premier League will not resume in May

Premier League held a meeting via video chat in Friday and decided that the season will be resumed when it is safe. As best-case scenario for resuming the season has emerged June 8.

The Premier League is still determined to finish the current season, but apparently the idea of completing the season by June 30 has not been raised on the Friday meeting.

All top-flight clubs were represented on the meeting. There were shown different models on how the season might be played in June, July and August, but eventually the Premier League decided that the best decision is to wait the government declare it is safe to do so.

The government lockdown will last until May 7 at earliest, which means that there will be not football until then.

The clubs have nine or 10 games left to play, and all matches might be finished in five-week period.

The clubs will have to wait the government say when will be safe to return to training. The training sessions have to be controlled to make sure players were kept a safe distance apart.

One of the proposals regarding the safety of the players is for the players to drive to their training grounds in their kits so they spend less time in contact with the teammates.

Apparently, the games will be played behind closed doors, but all players, coaches and match officials will have to test themselves for the virus.

The last played match was on March 13 and there are still 92 matches to be played to complete the remaining campaign.

On May 1 there will be another meeting, when the situation could be assessed once again.

What about the Champions League and Europa League?

UEFA are still keen to finish the tournaments by August if possible. The idea is to hold the Champions League final in Istanbul on August 29.

The final was due to be played at the Ataturk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul on May 30, but the circumstances don't allow that to happen.

Next week UEFA will have another meeting and they will discuss the proposal to hold the final at the same place, but on a different date.

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