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Premier League season 20/21 behind closed doors

The Premier League is preparing for the possibility to play the whole 2020/21 season without fans behind closed doors.

The clubs are still discussing how the current campaign is going to be finished, but according to Sky Sports, they are in talks for the next season and how it will be played behind closed doors.

The clubs are expecting that the football will get back to normal when there is a vaccine for the coronavirus, but the experts believe that will not happen until the middle of the next year.

Meanwhile, the clubs might not spend a lot of money on transfers this summer, as their financial status in unsure.

The Premier League have said that if the current season is not completed that will cost all 20 clubs around £1 million.

However, playing the next season behind closed doors will have even more impact on the clubs' finances.

Most of the clubs make their money from broadcasting income and, apart from that, their revenues stem mainly from matchday income and commercial deals.

Both of those revenue streams will be reduced if the Premier League is played behind closed doors.

However, the Premier League remains determined to bring the current season to an end, but it got clear that this would happen only if 8-10 neutral venues are used to play the remaining fixtures.

The 'Project Restart' last meeting was on Friday, and it is expected that the clubs will have another meeting when the government review the lockdown on May 7.

The potential returning date is set for June 12, but that depends on the government and the final word is theirs.

It was reported that the remaining campaign might be played in Perth, Australia. The local Perth senator gave a green light to that idea, but now the Australian government have to approve too.

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