Son tottenham

Son pictured with a gun and an army gear

Son Heung-min was pictured while he was carrying his military clothing and his gun as he began his service for South Korea.

The Tottenham star has returned to his homeland as he was recovering from his surgery of his arm.

While he is in Korea, he began his military service for his country as he have to complete only four-week training.

All men in South Korea are obliged to complete military service by the age of 28.

Son will reach that age in July and that's why he decided to take advantage of the coronavirus pandemic and complete it while there is no football.

The Spurs player earned exemption from the mandatory 21-month service after he helped his country to win the 2018 Asian Games. However, he still have to complete his service as he is required only four weeks.

However, Son's time with the military is not only a public relations, as he have to go under gas training, go on lengthy hikes and be trained how to fire guns during his time on the island of Jeju.

On Wednesday, the 27-year-old player was pictured while he was carrying his gun and wearing full army gear.

The South Korean had suffered a fractured arm back in February and he flew to Korea to go under surgery.

The coronavirus pandemic gave his enough time to recover his fitness and now it turns out to be the best time to complete his service for the country.

Son is expected to return later this month as Jose Mourinho expects him to be fully recovered for when the season resumes.

However, the 27-year-old might have to go under self-isolation for 14 days when he returns to Britain.

Spurs begin their training as they reopened their training grounds, but the players are allowed to make only individual sessions and they have to follow the social distancing rules.

The Premier League is expected to make a return in June, but the talks on when exactly that will be continue with all the clubs and the government.