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Liverpool youngster snubbed Real Madrid and Ramos

Liverpool midfielder Harvey Elliott rejected the chance to meet with Sergio Ramos when Real Madrid tried to signed him last summer.

The 17-year-old player has been given to chance to do a tour at Santiago Bernabeu and had chance to talk with one of the most famous defenders of all time and long-serving Real Madrid captain, Sergio Ramos, as the Los Blancos tried to signed him from Fulham.

However, according to The Athletic, the youngster refused to meet Ramos saying: “No, it’s okay, thanks. I don’t like him after what he did to Mo Salah.”

Of course Elliott was referring to the 2018 Champions League final when the Reds lost one of their stars after just 30 minutes as Sergio Ramos badly injured the shoulder of Mohamed Salah.

The Egypt player left the game in tears and Liverpool lost the final in Kiev with 3-1.

However, the young Englishman has impressed Jurgen Klopp with his seven senior appearances for Liverpool this season.

It was reported that the Reds are considering to offer Elliott a new and improved three-year contract this summer.

However, it is well known that Ramos is not very popular among the Liverpool fans, but the Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini, prised the Spanish defender for injuring Salah.

Earlier this month, Chiellini, who is Juventus captain, said: “He makes interventions beyond any logic, even with injuries that he causes with almost diabolical cunning.

“Salah’s was a masterstroke. He always said that he didn’t mean to injure him, but he was aware that falling that way and without letting go of his grip, nine times out of 10 you can break your rival’s arm.”

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