Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham with one positive COVID-19 test

Tottenham Hotspur have confirmed that after the fifth round of testing one positive COVID-19 test comes from the club.

The players and the staff of all Premier League clubs are being tested regularly for the disease as part of the protocols of resuming the season, which is scheduled for June 17.

In the latest round of testing, only one positive case came up from from a total 1,197.

The north London club made a statement saying: "We have been informed by the Premier League that we have received one positive test for COVID-19 following the latest round of testing at our Training Centre.

"Due to medical confidentiality, the individual's name will not be disclosed.

"They are currently asymptomatic and will now self-isolate for seven days, in line with Premier League protocol, before undergoing further testing.

"We shall continue to strictly adhere to the Premier League's Return to Training protocol, which ensures our Training Centre remains a safe and virus-free working environment."

The club also said that they will not reveal if the person who contracted the virus is a player or a staff member.

However, the fact that only one of total 1197 players tested positive for the coronavirus, is a positive news for the Premier League bosses ahead of the 2019/20 season’s return in a fortnight.

The players have returned to a close-contact training and as a part of the protocols for returning to action the clubs are continuing to adhere to the latest medical advice from the Government and Public Health England.

The remaining fixtures will be played behind closed doors, such as the matches from the Bundesliga.