Norwich player tests positive for COVID-19

A player from Norwich is one of the two players to test positive for COVID-19 after the latest round of 1,200 Premier League tests.

The individual who tested positive for coronavirus has played in the friendly game against Tottenham behind-closed-doors on Friday.

The player with the positive result, whose name is not revealed, must go in self-isolation for seven days before being tested again, which means that he will miss the game against Southampton on Friday.

Norwich made a statement saying: “Norwich City can confirm that one of its players has returned a positive test result following the recent round of COVID-19 testing.

“In line with the Premier League’s protocols, the player will now self-isolate for a period of seven days before being tested again at a later date. The player must return a negative test result before being able to resume training.

“The club will not name the player in question and asks that his request for privacy and confidentiality are respected at this time.”

The player with the positive result participated in the friendly game against Tottenham, but players from neither set of clubs who may have come in contact with the player will have to go in self-isolate for 7 days as they have not been in contact for long enough, according to Premier League advice.

From Tottenham confirmed that they do not have any positive results in the club.

Spurs said in a statement: “We continue to operate within the strict guidelines outlined by the Premier League to ensure we avoid any risk of infection spreading should anyone else test positive, including practising social distancing so no ‘close contacts’ are created, which has been defined by Government as being within two metres of a confirmed case for 15 minutes or more.

“This means that no other member of the squad or staff should be forced to self-isolate other than the person who returns a positive test result and their household members.

“The Norwich player in question has confirmed he had no ‘close contacts’ with our team yesterday and our squad has also verified this.

“Our testing has continued to return only negative results for COVID-19 since one positive reading was confirmed almost two weeks ago.”

The few positive COVID-19 test is seen as a great boost for 'Project Restart'.

The first two fixtures that are due to be played are Aston Villa vs Sheffield United and Manchester City vs Arsenal.

A Premier League statement read: “The Premier League can today confirm that on Thursday 11 June and Friday 12 June, 1,200 players and club staff were tested for COVID-19 Of these, two have tested positive from two clubs.

“The Premier League is providing this aggregated information for the purposes of competition integrity and transparency.

“No specific details as to clubs or individuals will be provided by the league and results will be made public after each round of testing.”