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Hugo Lloris wife - Marine Lloris

Hugo Lloris Marine Lloris wife Tottenham

Hugo Lloris is among the most recognizable goalkeepers of our time as he has been a real goal-stopper for Tottenham ever since he joined them back in 2012.

But he is not only a keeper in his profession, as he is a real keeper in his personal life. Let's find out why.

Who is Hugo Lloris wife?

Being in a long-term relationship might seem difficult for some people, but not for the French international goalkeeper as he has been with his wife for 18 years.

Lloris started dating Marine Lloris back in 2002, when he was studying at the Lycée Thierry Maulnier.

The couple decided that it is time to tie the knot after 10 years of dating as they got married in a big ceremony at the Église Saint-François-de-Paul in Nice in 2012.

To marry your childhood sweetheart is one of the greatest things in life, but enough about their love life, we believe that it is time to learn more about Marine herself.

Who is Marine Lloris?

Hugo Lloris is one lucky man as he married a real brunette beauty, but what do we know about her? What is Marine Lloris age? Where does she studied? Where Hugo Lloris and Marine live and what is her occupation?

Marine Lloris was born on August 7, 1986 in Cagnes-sur-Mer, France. She is not only a true beauty, but she has a Master degree in Social Psychology and a Masters in Human Resource Management.

Marine Lloris' zodiac sign is Leo, which means that she was born a leader.

She is a hard-working mother as she is a creator of her own luxury girlswear brand. Marine Lloris is the founder and director of Manège en Sucre, which is a high-quality children clothing line.

Marine Lloris is very active on her Instagram and Twitter profiles as she often shares photos of her and her beautiful family.

You can find Marine Lloris' Instagram and Twitter here.

Marine Lloris and her husband live in their luxurious mansion in Hampstead, North London, which is estimated at around $7.97 million.

Spending that much on a house is not a problem for the family as Hugo Lloris net worth is $30 Million and Marine net worth is also big as she is generating a decent amount of money from her brand.

However, Marine Lloris is also a big supporter of her husband as she often can be spotted on the sidelines at White Hart Lane or when France is playing.

Hugo Lloris family

Now we know about Hugo Lloris' wife, but what about their three beautiful children.

The first product of their love came on 23 September 2010, as Marine gave birth to Lloris' first daughter - Anna-Rose Lloris.

Just before the World Cup in Brazil in 2018, their second daughter was born and they named her Giuliana Lloris.

On 20 September 2019, Hugo Lloris became a proud father of a son - Léandro Lloris.

Their never ending love is truly inspirational and they have three lovely children out of it.