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Mohamed Salah wife - Magi Sadeq

Mohamed Salah Magi wife Liverpool

Mohamed Salah gained extreme popularity in recent years, as he became a major part of the Liverpool squad and became a star among the Arabs, winning trophy after trophy.

He is definitely one of the most recognizable football players of our time, but what exactly do we know about his personal life?

And more specifically, what do we know about his teenage love, his lovely wife?

Who is Mohamed Salah's wife?

Mo Salah has been a married man for many years, as he married his childhood sweetheart, Magi Sadeq.

The couple started dating when they were teenagers.

They knew each other from the school they went to, and according to Magi's mother their love story began when they were classmates throughout elementary and junior years.

The couple have dated for several years, before they decided that it is time to take things further and marry each other.

Mohamed Salah and Magi Sadeq tied the knot in 2013 in a big wedding ceremony, which was attended by thousands of people.

Who is Magi Salah?

Magi Sadeq is mostly known for being the wife of the Egyptian Messi.

Magi is also known for keeping a low profile on social media and she is trying to avoid any kind of public appearance.

Magi Sadeq Bio

Magi was born in 1994, which means that her age is 27.

Magi Salah was born in Nagrig, Egypt, such as her husband, which means that her nationality is Egyptian.

She comes from a big family and she has a twin sister, Mohab Sadeq.

Magi also has two other sisters - Mahy and Miram.

Magi's parents were teachers at Mohammed Eyad Al Tantawi school, where she and Mo Salah went to.

Magi Sadeq Education

There is a common belief that Magi Salah has graduated with a bachelor's degree in Biotechnology.

But this information is misleading as she was mistaken with another person on Instagram.

Magi and her twin sister both have bachelor’s degrees from the Faculty of Commerce in Alexandria.

Magi Sadeq Social Media

Magi Salah is a very private person and she is not like the other WAGs of the footballers, who share every part of their lives with their followers.

As a matter of fact, Magi doesn't even have an Instagram profile.

Magi Sadeq Religion

Magi Sadeq and her husband, Mo Salah, are both very religious.

Magi is muslim and she can't be seen without her “hijab”.

Salah's biggest supporter

Behind every successful man, there is a woman that believed in him.

Mo Salah could never stand where he is at now if it wasn't for his wife, Magi.

Magi is a very supportive wife, as she has been with Salah through the ups and downs in his professional football career.

She encouraged him to become the player he is today.

Sadeq also attends almost every game at Anfield, to cheer her husband from the crowd.

Magi Sadeq's public appearances

Magi usually doesn't appear much in public, as she tries to avoid the spotlight as much as possible.

However, she has appeared alongside Salah a couple of times.

Magi was seen with Salah when he was given the Golden Boot of 2018/2019 season, but Salah's wife got heavily criticized by the fans for her clothing.

Magi Sadeq and Mohamed Salah Family

Mo Salah and Magi Salah are a very happy couple as they are proud parents of two lovely daughters.

Salah's first daughter was born in 2014 and they have decided to name her Makka Salah, in honour of the Islamic holy city of Mecca.

His second daughter was born in 2020, and her name is Kayan Salah.

Magi Salah's second baby was born nine months after the historic semi-final against Barcelona, when Liverpool made a terrific comeback.

Apparently the after party was on point.