Jose Mourinho wife Tottenham Matilde

Jose Mourinho wife - Matilde Faria

Jose Mourinho is considered as one of the greatest football managers of all time.

The Portuguese has managed to win many major trophies throughout his professional career. He has been appointed as manager of many big teams including Real Madrid, Inter, Chelsea, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur.

The Special One has accomplished many things during his career as a manager, but his biggest achievement is marrying his better half Matilde Faria.

Who is Jose Mourinho's wife?

Jose Mourinho is definitely a family guy, as he has been married for over three decades to Matilde Faria.

Jose and Matilde have been together since their childhood, as they met in their high school.

They met in their neighborhood in Portugal when they were still kids and after years of friendship things evolved into a romantic relationship.

Mourinho and Faria tied the knot in 1989, before they even turned 18.

Matilde has been with Mourinho before he gained the fame and the wealth he has today.

Who is Matilde Faria?

Matilde Faria is mostly known for being the wife of the famous football coach, Jose Mourinho.

Now let's take a closer look into Matilde Faria biography and learn more about her.

Matilde Faria Bio

Matilde Faria was born on August 14, 1965, which means that her age is 57.

According to her birthday, Matilde's zodiac sign is Leo, meaning that she is very ambitious and she was born to be a leader.

Matilde Faria was born in Angola, but when she was very young her parents moved to Setubal, Portugal, where she actually grew up.

Matilde Faria's nationality is Angolan.

Matilde Faria Nickname

Matilde is known as ‘Tami’, as all her friends and even her parents call her that way.

Matilde Faria Career and Charity Work

Matilde has managed to earn a place as a humanitarian socialite.

She has been part of many charities and she even helped Mourinho when he was appointed a Global Ambassador of the United Nations' World Food Programme (WFP) in 2014.

At that time, Mourinho's wife traveled all over the world to take part in various initiatives taken by the organization to fight with worldwide hunger.

However, Matilde is not only a great human being, but she is a great wife too.

She has supported her husband since day one, encouraging him to become one of the greatest in his field.

Matilde Faria and Jose Mourinho Children

Do you wonder how many children do Jose and Matilde have?

Well, they have two kids, a daughter and a son.

The couple welcomed their first child, Matilde Mourinho in November 1996.

Their son, Jose Mario Mourinho Jr. was born in February 2000.

The couple's daughter is a fashion model and as a matter of fact she is very close to Niall Horan, who is One Direction star.

Jose Mourinho Jr. on the other hand, was part of Fulham's youth team.