Dele Alli Tottenham

Dele Alli angry with performance

Dele Alli stormed off angrily, slamming his water bottle against the ground, when he was substituted midway in the second half of Tottenham's 1-0 loss to RB Leipzig

Jose Mourinho insists Dele Alli was angry with his own performance, not the decision to substitute him.

Alli appeared to be surprised when his number came up in the 64th minute. After being substituted he was storming to his seat on the bench before throwing a bottle and his boots to the ground in anger.

However, Mourinho rejected any suggestion that Alli was angry with him in his post-match press conference.

"I think he was angry with his performance, not with me," Mourinho said. "I think he understands why I took him off, and the team improved."

Alli had struggled to make an impact to the game against RB Leipzig who dominated the game.