Lo Celso Tottenham

VAR unfair to Chelsea again

Frank Lampard blasted the video assistant referee for failing to advise a red card for Giovani Lo Celso.

Lampard had already complained about VAR earlier this week, when Manchester United's Harry Maguire didn't get a red card and the disallowed goal by Zouma.

At today's match VAR was unfair to Chelsea again.

Lo Celso's challenge left Azpilicueta with stud marks on his shin. It was a clear red card but VAR David Coote advised referee Michael Oliver no punishment was necessary for the Spurs midfielder.

"Everybody knew they'd made a mistake," Lampard said. "We obviously have the monitor and can view it. I was waiting for the red card to be shown. Not with real pleasure because it's just a tackle which endangers a player."

"That's what VAR was brought in for, to see things the referees on the pitch side don't see. And it's just not good enough."

"Saying afterwards that they made a mistake isn't good enough because they had minutes, they took a couple of minutes to try to get it right. They probably needed one viewing of that one to get it right. So I don't know what more to say - just another huge question mark on VAR."

Meanwhile, Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho questioned why officials at Stockley Park hadn't also apologised for errors he believes they have made against his team this season.

"I hope the noise is the same noise of when the VAR kills us," he said. "I hope the noise is exactly the same. I hope the noise is exactly the same against Liverpool when [Andrew] Robertson should get a red card and didn't, against Watford when [Etienne] Capoue should get the red card twice with this gentleman, [referee] Michael Olivier, I hope that the noise is the same noise."