Liverpool continue their winning ways in the Premier League

The Red are continuing their winning ways after the comeback last night against West Ham. But for how long those ways will last?

Yesterday we saw things that might put an end to a season without a defeat.

After the Atletico Madrid match Jurgen Klopp's side seems to lost their self-confidence.

Last night we saw that Liverpool have problems in defence. Van Dijk and Joe Gomez were the ones who let the second goal for West Ham United happen.

Pablo Fornals was totally uncovered and the two Liverpool defenders just watched as he put the ball right into the net.

However, the defence is not the only problem we witnessed at last night game.

The three forward players weren't at their best at the first half and parts of the second. Roberto Firmino was wasteful in front of goal and his passes weren't complete.

Yes, Mo Salah equalised but we saw him losing the ball way more often than usual.

Sadio Mane missed some great opportunities too. He compensated with scoring the winning goal though of the match.

The question that we should ask ourselves is for how long Liverpool's luck will last.

It's a matter of time they make a mistake and slip to the way up. An injury is all it takes to end that winning ways.

They are going to be champions there's no second thought about it. But will they manage to improve Arsenal's record?

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