UEFA has a strange suggestion

UEFA made an announcement earlier this week that the European Championship which was scheduled for this summer has been postponed to 2021.

The decision was made as a precaution of the coronavirus and to try to cope with the pandemic that it caused.

On Friday European football’s governing body announced that despite the fact that the competition will take place next year it will still be called officially as Euro 2020.

We find it kind of an odd, but UEFA explained why they've decided to keep the trademarked.

“We trust that all of our venues will remain the same, ensuring the tournament remains true to its original vision,” was said in the statement.

“That is staging a truly Europe-wide event that befits the tournament’s 60th birthday.

“The tournament will still be known as UEFA Euro 2020.”

Although, the next year won't be quite an anniversary anymore, but they decided to keep the title.

But let's all be fair here, it does not matter how we will call the tournament as long as we do get to enjoy it.