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Last Updated: October 31st 2020, 1:58 pm

Joshua Kimmich girlfriend - Lina Meyer

Joshua Kimmich has been one of the key defenders for Bayern Munich ever since he joined the team in 2015. He helped his team win many titles, but we believe that you are not here to read about that.

Oh My Football decided to focus your attention on Kimmich personal life and more specifically on his long-time girlfriend, so let's begin.

Who is Joshua Kimmich girlfriend?

Joshua Kimmich has been in a long-term relationship with the stunning Lina Meyer since 2013.

The couple met when Kimmich was still playing for RB Leipzig and have been together ever since then.

They had to spend some time apart from each other, as Lina was still studying when Kimmich had to move to Bayern Munich, but when she finished her education in 2017, she joined him in Munich and now they live together.

Who is Lina Meyer?

After, we learned when the couple met, now it is time to dig in deeper into Lina Meyer biography.

Lina Meyer was born on May 23, 1992, which means that her age is 28 and she is three years older than Kimmich. According to her birthday, Lina Meyer zodiac sign is Gemini.

She was born in Rottweil, Germany, such as her partner, meaning that Meyer's nationality is German.

Lina Meyer is professional volleyball player. However, she is also very big fan of the beautiful game called football.

Whenever she got the opportunity she tries to attend Kimmich's games. Meyer often can be seen at Allianz Arena, supporting her boyfriend from the crowd.

However, Lina is also very active on her social media. She has an Instagram profile with more than 10K followers, but she is not the typical WAG, who post pictures in bikinis and so on.

You can check Lina Meyer Instagram here.

In 2019, Joshua Kimmich and Lina Meyer announced that they were expecting their first child. However, there is till no information on when the blonde beauty gave birth or the sex of the child.