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Mbappe still way off Neymar

The salaries of the highest paid football players for 2019 have been revealed, and it is not surprise that the top three remain the same from the last year: Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar.

Every year France Football make those charts including not only the earnings made of their salary, but also the money they earn in terms of advertising.

Messi and Cristiano are on the top of the table and are the only footballers to exceed the 100 million euro mark with 131 and 118m euros respectively, while Neymar is on the third position as he has earnt 95m euros.

But what is surprising is that Kylian Mbappe is still far from being amongst the best paid players in the world.

The 21-year-old takes the 10th place on the list and it's kind of strange when you consider that he's the most valuable football player in the world.

Mbappe is estimated at 218.5m euros. In January, Transfermarkt valued him at 200m euros, which is a lot more than Neymar was valued.

And yet, the Frenchman earns less than half of what Neymar earns, his PSG teammate, Cristiano and Messi.

In Paris Saint-Germain, Neymar is the highest paid player and that is for sure. We expected that Mbappe, who is the world champion, is at least as good or better than Neymar, but obviously not.

In fact, according to France Football, Mbappe earns 27.6 million euros in salary, bonuses and advertising.

The 21-year-old's salary and bonuses equate to 21.2m euros, which is still less than half of what Neymar earns. According to the magazine, Edinson Cavani earns 18m euros.

Among the top five earners are Gareth Bale and Antoine Griezmann with 38.7m euros and 38.5m euros respectively.

Undoubtedly, Barcelona and PSG are the clubs with the highest wage bills.

Barcelona have Messi and Griezmann in the top five of the list, while PSG have Neymar in third and Mbappe in 10th, but let's not forget Cavani and Marco Verratti, who also earn a lot

However, Mbappe became one of the most valuable players in the world after he won the World Cup and now is among the goalscorers in the world. He probably realize that his contract is not keeping with the current market.