Marquinhos PSG wife Carol Cabrino

Marquinhos wife - Carol Cabrino

Marquinhos has been a key part of Paris Saint-Germain squad ever since he joined them in 2013. He helped the Parisians win many major trophies, but we believe that you are not here to read about his professional achievements.

Oh My Football decided to take a closer look into Marquinhos personal life and we want to focus our attention on his wife, so let's begin.

Who is Marquinhos wife?

Marquinhos has been married to Carol Cabrino for four years. The couple started to date in 2014, when the Brazilian saw Carol on the reality TV show Jovens Talentos and he instantly added her on Facebook.

After texting for some time the two started to date each other and in 2016 after just two years of dating they tied the knot in a civil wedding. Marquinhos proposed to Carol in a very romantic way - underneath the Eiffel Tower.

Their wedding took place in June and it was attended by many guests, from close friends and families to Marquinhos teammates.

Marquinhos and Carol Cabrino celebrated their fourth anniversary of marriage in June, 2020.

Who is Carol Cabrino?

Now after we learned how Marquinhos met his wife, let's take a look into Carol Cabrino biography.

Carol Cabrino was born on July 29, 1993, which means that her age is 27. According to Cabrino birthday her zodiac sign is Leo.

Carol was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, meaning that her nationality is Brazilian.

Carol Cabrino has always dreamed about becoming a singer and she worked really hard on purchasing her dream as she sang around the karaoke bars in Brazil.

She got her big break in singing career after she appeared in the Brazilian TV show Jovens Talentos, which is similar to the global show X Factor. The show aired on Programa Raul Gil.

Carol Cabrino got famous for her interpretation of the famous song of Katy Perry ''Roar''.

However, Carol Cabrino became very famous on Instagram around her appearance in the TV show and her marriage to Marquinhos.

She has over 446K followers on the social media, who she likes to keep engaged with her life and especially with her fitness routine.

You can check Carol Cabrino Instagram here.

Carol Cabrino is also a vlogger, as she has a YouTube channel, where she uploaded many videos. Carol also has a Twitter account, which you can check here.

Despite being a WAG of a footballer, Carol Cabrino is not a typical one, as she admits that she is not fan of the beautiful game.

She rarely attends Paris Saint-Germain games and she doesn't like to watch football, but she always supports her husband no matter what.

Marquinhos family

Marquinhos and Carol Cabrino have been blessed with two beautiful children.

On November 2, 2017 Carol gave birth to Marquinhos' daughter, Maria Eduarda Cabrino Corrêa. On December 6, 2019, after being pregnant for the second time, Cabrino gave birth to Marquinhos' son, Enrico Cabrino Corrêa.