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Karim Benzema And His Legacy

Benzema has been on a roll for quite a few years. The Frenchman exudes peak fitness and loyalty to his game every time he steps onto the pitch. He plays with a passion to prove just why he is number one. His consistency with the ball and punctuality on and off the field has earned him the Ballon d’Or. And quite rightly so, his stats have everything to prove just why he is the very best.

Karim has been a key player for his club, Real Madrid, and there are tons of people hoping and praying he sticks with it so they can keep on cheering. Benzema likes to play pretty aggressively and stay honest in his game. Let’s check out how strong his legacy is until now.

Best Center Forward

Benzema may not have taken the spotlight as radically as Ronaldo, Luiz Suarez, or Zlatan Ibrahimovich but the Frenchman has stayed consistent enough to cement his attacking as a constant threat to opposing teams. The Frenchman’s attacking is a pleasure to watch. Not only does he use tactics that become revolutionary later on but his chemistry with his teammates works wonders throughout the game he plays. Benzema is always included in the starting 11 for his team and you can witness his plays online through various streaming services such as ESPN, FOX sports, and the like.

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Unparalleled Skills

Benzema doesn’t come short when it’s about the skills he packs. Even though he has all the variation in his dribbling necessary to take the ball forward and create opportunities for scoring by himself, he takes pleasure in assisting his teammates to do the same. Attacking is not the only area where he shines though.

Mr. Karim can, at will, shift gears and become a fearsome juggernaut when his team needs additional defense. He’s had numerous plays where he had to chase down the ball in the feet of his rivals and didn’t hesitate to slide, tackle and shove to get back his ball. Of course, he does all this while remaining in a no-foul realm. And that’s where his game becomes a joy to watch. Versatility is a skill that comes to him naturally.

In-game Partnerships

Whether it’s supporting attacker or solo runs, Benzema is critical of his game. He synergizes with his wingman and realizes their strong points. This is exactly why he has displayed extreme intellect when playing with icons such as Ronaldo who likes to play as more of a tactician or the more explosive Gareth Bale who deploys hard and fast strategies. All managers realize that Benzema truly shines when he has support to tag team with. His average assists and goals run alongside each other on the score sheets which further go to highlight the fact that he’s a balanced player.

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Peak Performance Years

At 32 years of age, Benzema has peaked as the best attacker Real Madrid has under its belt. Undoubtedly, the Frenchman has spent a good chunk of his life proving to the Spaniards that he is someone to be feared and respected inside the field. And now, with numerous accolades to back him up, he is a decorated sportsman who is trusted by his team and fans alike to deliver when he has the ball between his legs. At the same time, Benzema has a lot of pressure mounted on him to bring more runs to Madrid’s bag.

He’s still pumping a lot of time and energy into being loyal to his boots and we hope he still has a couple of years of giving his best. He’s in the same leagues as Ronaldo and enjoys worldwide recognition as being one of the best to have carried the Real Madrid flag.


Karim Benzema is now a celebrity as much as he is a dedicated sportsman. His name is known world over for being someone who decimates the other team with sheer class and skill. The attacker is perhaps the most well-known for starting his clever attack runs from the wings and then converging into the box with precision.

Real Madrid has capitalized on his skill set by allowing the Frenchman to continue what he does best and having the entire team mold itself around the number 9. With many recognitions still simmering on Benzema’s plate, we wouldn’t be surprised at him bagging a few more of them before announcing his eventual retirement from soccer. Hanging up his number 9 jersey will be an emotional moment for fans worldwide and it’ll be a while before we get to see someone as brilliant as King Karim.

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