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Who will be the La Liga Top Goal Scorer this Season?

, but if you want some tips you can go on and read to see our predictions.

Karim Benzema

Juanmi Jiminez Lopez

Juanmi the 2016

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Vinicius Junior

Let us have a closer look at the statistics of this young hopeful. Currently, he is number one in dribbling skills in La Liga. He's in second place on shots on target with 28 shots. With his market value rising from 40 million to 50 million, he has created 23 big chances. The graph of Vinicius junior performance has been on a rising trend.

So we have established Vinicius junior has an impressive goal scoring number, but what other tracking metrics is the Junior excelling in? He leads the league in the opposition box with 92 and has the second-highest per 90 with 6.24. This ranks him among the best players from Europe's top 5 leagues. He's a player to watch out for in the race to be the top scorer of La Liga in the 2021-2022 season.

The Goalmouth scramble that ends right at your feet and the defensive fever that comes in when shots are missed make your stomach rumble. Everything that makes you uncomfortable during goal scoring is what everyone is waiting for at the end of the season. At the 30th game of the season, it will be clear who will be the leading and who might be the top scorer of La Liga. Currently, the two hopefuls, Karim Benzema and Juanmi, are the ones hoping to be the top scorers.

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