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Who will be the La Liga Top Goal Scorer this Season?

Martina Kostadinova
by Martina Kostadinova

The 2021-2022 La Liga season has been one of the most competitive over the years. This implies that things will be very tough and tight as we turn into the second leg of the competition. There is a tight race being witnessed in the top scorer category. Karim Benzema of Real Madrid seems far ahead of his closest rival, the Real Betis player Juanmi. If you think you know who will finish at the top you can go on online football betting, but if you want some tips you can go on and read to see our predictions.

Karim Benzema

Benzema proves that he's the most in-form striker in Europe. The Frenchman started the season on a very high note, netting nine times in the first eight La Liga games. No player has scored more than Benzema in the top division in England, Germany, Italy, and France. Benzema aims to be the top scorer in La Liga and be the continental best. He's up for the 2021-2022 golden shoe. He is also targeting to outdo the 41 goals, which Lewandoski scored last season.

Surely this might be Karim Benzema's season; having played 1798 minutes, he has scored a goal in every 95 minutes and is involved in a goal in every 64 minutes. These statistics have put Benzema at the level of Cristiano Ronaldo at Madrid. The departure of Cristiano from Madrid put Karim to be at his best.

Just a comparison of his past two seasons, for instance, in the 2018-2019 season, Benzema scored a goal in every 143 minutes, and he was involved in one every 105 minutes. Coming into the recently completed 2020-2021, he proved scoring a goal in every 128 minutes and after being involved in creating one goal in every 99 minutes. If a graph of Karim Benzema's performance is drawn, the striker shows an increment in his scoring capability.

Benzema has finally gotten praise at Real Madrid and back home in his French national team. Initially, he was criticized for his underperformance, but currently, he is among the top players in Europe. With the 2022 FIFA World Cup around the corner, the striker is determined to show his best, which might earn him a chance in the World Cup.

Juanmi Jiminez Lopez

Juanmi plays as a forward for Real Betis. He has never been the best goal scorer in the league, but he has been part of the top-scoring list in La Liga in the 2016 and 2017 seasons. The forward has represented Spain's national team in one football match. Juanmi is determined to outdo Karim Benzema's 15 goals. He currently has 11 goals in 16 games, and he's still pushing for more. Most people refer to him as the "New Raul" due to his good football on the field.

He's an underrated player worth 3 million Euros, but he has surpassed this season's finishes with ten goals. Comparing him to Benzema, the efficiency of the young striker is exceptional. In terms of the number of goals per game, Benzema scored every 99 minutes, but Juanmi scored a goal every 89 minutes. This is an awesome performance keeping in mind that the average playing time for this young man is only 61 minutes.

The dribbling skills of this forward are the best. Immediately he receives the ball; he looks at the goal and nets easily. There's no denying that the talent has always been in this young man. He has 222 La Liga appearances. The push for the top scorer in La Liga is very tight, and the big question is, will the young forward outshine Karim Benzema?

Vinicius Junior

Vinicius junior currently has ten goals. He has shown enthusiasm in his style of play, and he might end up being the top scorer if he keeps on pushing for the goals. Vinicius Junior, the Brazilian, has never scored enough goals to become the top scorer or even made it to the final top scorer list at the end of any season. However, at this moment, he is in the top three in the list of top scorers in La Liga.

Junior plays as a winger in his club and country team. He has played only nine matches for his national team. Also, with the FIFA World Cup around the corner, the young forward is determined to do his best. This will enable him to book a spot in the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup. Without a doubt, this motivation will make him score even more goals. Therefore one cannot write off his ability to be the top scorer in La Liga this season.

Let us have a closer look at the statistics of this young hopeful. Currently, he is number one in dribbling skills in La Liga. He's in second place on shots on target with 28 shots. With his market value rising from 40 million to 50 million, he has created 23 big chances. The graph of Vinicius junior performance has been on a rising trend.

So we have established Vinicius junior has an impressive goal scoring number, but what other tracking metrics is the Junior excelling in? He leads the league in the opposition box with 92 and has the second-highest per 90 with 6.24. This ranks him among the best players from Europe's top 5 leagues. He's a player to watch out for in the race to be the top scorer of La Liga in the 2021-2022 season.

The Goalmouth scramble that ends right at your feet and the defensive fever that comes in when shots are missed make your stomach rumble. Everything that makes you uncomfortable during goal scoring is what everyone is waiting for at the end of the season. At the 30th game of the season, it will be clear who will be the leading and who might be the top scorer of La Liga. Currently, the two hopefuls, Karim Benzema and Juanmi, are the ones hoping to be the top scorers.