Luka Jovic Real Madrid

Luka Jovic is ruining his career

Former Athletic Club head coach Dragoslav Stepanovic has seriously criticise Real Madrid forward Luka Jovic.

Last year Los Blancos signed the 22-year-old player from Eintracht Frankfurt, but since then nothing really happened and the young player showed that he did not worth the money.

In a recent interview for Kurir the former head coach Stepanovic criticized the player saying: "He is the only man who is doing everything to ruin his career!

"Luka is working against himself.

"He was lucky that Adi Hutter gave him a chance at Eintracht and then he made the biggest transfer in Serbia's history and went to Real Madrid.

"I can't believe what the kid is doing to himself."

"I read the media in Serbia and I know what life he had, that as a child he slept in his car with his father to wait until morning for training," he added.

"What a sacrifice he made... And then this.

Jovic had an amazing season at Eintracht, but since he joined Real Madrid he is not the same player.

After breaking the quarantine that the Serbian government put on the whole country to prevent the quick spread of the coronavirus, Jovic was heavily criticized by many people, including the president of Serbia.

Dimitar Berbatov is among the people that openly spoke about Jovic's actions.

"Like me, he is from the Balkans and we like life a bit too much at times, so I hope that success and his move to Real Madrid hasn't gone to his head too much, that can be dangerous and he needs to be disciplined," said the Bulgarian football player on Betfair.

"You think lots of stupid things because you're young and you think you know everything but with a bit of patience, hard work and good people around you to tell you the truth about the situation, it helps. That's one option.

"The other, if you want to play immediately, you choose to go on loan or find a club that will buy you so that you play more, if Jovic is in that place right now I can see him being useful to a number of clubs in the Premier League.

For the moment Luka Jovic proved that he is untrustworthy and he failed to replace Benzema, which was the main reason why Zidane bought the player for 60 million euros in the summer.

Jovic needs to prove that he can score goals, but he needs play time for that to happen, so for now the only option for him to play is to go on loan in some other team.

Zidane probably will give the player second chance and this time Jovic needs to grab it and shows what he was doing in Germany.

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