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Real Madrid still positive for the title

All football was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic and the clubs are facing very difficult times as no one was prepared that there won't be any matches for such a long time.

The last La Liga game was 42 days ago and there are still 11 fixtures left to play to complete the season.

Real Madrid squad, directors and even the fans, haven't escaped the uncertainty about the crisis and the doubts that have come along with it.

The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) said that the season might not be played to the end, and that caused even more uncertainty for Los Blancos.

Real Madrid are already on the verge of an exit from the Champions League, and their only hope was the La Liga title, but now the team led by Sergio Ramos, are worried about what that might mean for the title.

However, the club is doing their best to calm the players, and the president, coach and captain had a conversation on when the team might return to action.

They don't expect full-team training to take place until the end of May, with football returning in mid-June if everything progresses well with safety of the players and those involved guaranteed.

The squad have training programmes made by the coaching staff to keep them fit, but Zinedine Zidane perfectly understands that the team will need up to three weeks to return to competitive action.

Real Madrid are still determined to win the La Liga Santander, but they want to do it once the health all involved is secure. Los Blancos still think that the rest of the season is going to be played.

There are 11 games left to play and Real Madrid thinks that the calendar is going to be heavily modified, but if they want to be champions, they have to play every fixture.

The Spanish giants are still waiting on a decision from UEFA on when the Champions League will take place.

On Tuesday UEFA will meet with federations and clubs and on Thursday the Executive Committee will decide how long the footballing calendar can be extended as they seek to decide championships on the pitch.

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