Real Madrid training

Real Madrid will return to training

The Real Madrid squad is due to return to their training ground on May 11, but only for individual training sessions.

Valdebebas, which is Los Blancos' training ground, is reported to be adapted to the health requirements in terms of hygiene and social distancing measures.

However, now Zidane and his squad will be even more isolated as there has been reduction in the number of players and coaches allowed at the training facility.

The common areas in the facility will be removed or will not be allowed to use.

All La Liga teams will be able to take coronavirus tests if it is necessary, as the National Sports Council's protocol does not force the players to get tested if they don't have any symptoms or have been in a close contact with an infected person.

However, all players and coaching staff must get tested before they return back to training.

For now, all Real Madrid players will continue to train by their individual programmes until they return to Valdebebas, which is expected to happen on May 11.

From May 4, the clubs are allowed to open their training grounds and it is expected that LaLiga will eventually return in June.

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