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Marcelo wife - Clarice Alves

Marcelo is probably one of the most recognizable football players, as he has spent most of his career with the Spanish giants Real Madrid, and he won many titles with the Los Blancos.

But today we are here not to talk about the famous Brazilian left-back, as we decided to tell you more about his wife, so let's begin.

Who is Marcelo wife?

Marcelo has been happily married to Clarisse Alves for more than 10 years.

The couple started to date when they were teenagers, as Marcelo met Clarice when they were on a beach at Rio de Janeiro and Clarice brother introduced them.

Eventually, Marcelo decided that it is time after a five-year relationship to take things further and married to his childhood sweetheart in 2008.

Who is Clarice Alves?

Their love story is truly amazing, but we want to learn more about the woman behind Marcelo that has been with him through the ups and downs. Let's learn more about Clarice Alves biography.

Clarice Alves was born on December 7, 1988, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her age by the time this article is being written is 31.

According to Alves birthday her zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Clarice Alves' job is actually an actress. She fell in love with acting since she was a little girl and she attended the Casa e Companhia de Artes Avancini, where she studied acting, and by the age of 17 Clarice starred in several plays.

Clarice also graduated from "Studio Escola de Atores”, directed by Sonaira D'Avilla. The determined Alves started to take several acting classes by that time to help her with her acting career.

Clarice Alves finished her studies with Antonio Amancio and obtained her diploma from Artcenicas School.

In 2018, Marcelo's wife took part in the movie "Diminuta", directed by Bruno Saglia, where she got the main role.

However, Clarice has a Brazilian nationality, but she is fluent in several languages - Spanish, English, Italian and Portuguese.

Besides that she is an actress, she loves sports, and she trains her body every single day. Clarice Alves trained Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) and she has been training it ever since she was a child,so Marcelo must be careful not to make her angry.

The Brazilian beauty has been very good friends with Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez, and she expressed that she and Marcelo really miss the two, as Ronaldo moved to Italy to play for Juventus.

However, Clarice is very famous on her Instagram profile as she has more than 582,000 followers on it. Clarice also has a Twitter account, which you can check here.

On her social media accounts she regularly posts pictures of her, while she is on vacations or pictures of her family.

Clarice is just in love with traveling and she takes every opportunity she gets to travel to a new destination, or to return to the much beloved Rio de Janeiro.

Marcelo family

Marcelo and Clarice Alves has two children together.

One year after their marriage, in 2009, Clarice gave birth to Marcelo's son named Enzo Gattuso Alves Vieira.

In 2015, after being pregnant with their second son, Clarice Alves gave birth to Liam Alves.

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