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Last Updated: October 31st 2020, 1:58 pm

Gareth Bale wife - Emma Rhys-Jones

Gareth Bale has been going through a difficult time in his career, as Zinedine Zidane has no belief in the Wales international.

However, he has a partner who is there to support him unconditionally no matter what he is going through.

You wonder who? Oh My Football is here to answer to your question, so let's begin.

Who is Gareth Bale wife?

Gareth Bale has been married for his wife Emma Rhys-Jones for more than a year, but their story has begun in the early 2000s.

The couple started to date when they were still in high school as they were going to the same school. Gareth Bale and Emma Rhys-Jones have been together for over a decade now, and finally got married in 2019 after being engaged since 2016.

The couple tied the knot at a secret wedding ceremony, which was attended by only 60 people, who are among their closest friends and family. The guests learnt about the wedding the night before and when they arrived they were obliged to give their phones to the guards.

Many important people were not invited to the ceremony which was held at a five-star hotel on a Majorcan island. Emma Rhys-Jones' grandparents, who actually raised her, were not among the guest.

However, this year it is expected that the couple will have another wedding to celebrate with everyone who did not attend the first one.

Now, let's put aside Gareth Bale and his wife love story, and take a look into Emma Rhys-Jones biography.

Who is Emma Rhys-Jones?

Emma Rhys-Jones was born on July 29, 1991, which means 29 now.

She was born in Cardiff, Wales, which means that Jones' nationality is Welsh. She comes from the family of Martin Rhys-Jones and Suzanne McMurray. Rhys-Jones has two sisters, an older one Charlotte Rhys-Jones, and a younger sister Katie Rhys-Jones. She also has two twin brothers - Robert and John Rhys-Jones.

However, Emma Rhys-Jones' family had some legal issues, as her father was in jail for five years as he was convicted of fraud. In September 2016, her grandparents were caught up in a drugs feud in Cardiff. Emma Rhys-Jones' aunt was arrested a month after the accident, as drugs, cash and watches worth £1 million were found in their house.

However, Emma is very private person and there is almost no information on her, like what is her job, height or net worth. The only information we have on the net worth of the family is the one of Gareth Bale.

Emma Rhys-Jones can't be found on any social media, as she don't use Instagram, and the only account we found of her on Twitter has almost no activity since 2014.

Emma is not like the other WAGs as she does not like to be in the spotlight and prefers to work as a mother instead of a model.

Even Gareth Bale does not post pictures of her regularly on his Instagram account as he keeps their personal life private.

Gareth Bale and Emma Rhys-Jones family

The couple are happy parents of three children. Emma Rhys-Jones and Gareth Bale have two daughters and a son together.

Emma gave birth to their first child Alba Violet Bale in October, 2012. Bale and Jones became parents for the second time in 2016, when their second daughter was born - Nava Valentina Bale.

On May 8, 2018, the couple welcomed their son - Axel Charles Bale.