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Casemiro wife - Anna Mariana Casemiro

Anna Mariana Casemiro wife Real Madrid

Casemiro has been one of the stars of Real Madrid in recent years, as the defensive midfielder helped the Spanish giants win many major trophies.

However, Oh My Football decided that it is time to learn more about the Brazilian personal life and more specifically about his wife.

Who is Casemiro wife?

Do you wonder when Casemiro and Anna Mariana Ortega began to date? Well it was when the midfielder was still playing for São Paulo.

They have dated for several years before deciding that it is time to take things further and actually get married.

Carlos Henrique Casimiro and Anna Mariana Casemiro finally tied the knot on July 28, 2014, which means that they have been married for 6 years. Their wedding ceremony was big and very beautiful, and of course many guests were invited.

Who is Anna Mariana Casemiro?

After we learned how and when the couple met each other, we believe that it is time to take a closer look into Anna Mariana Casemiro biography.

Anna Mariana Casemiro was born on July 12, 1989, meaning that her age is 31. According to Anna Mariana Casemiro birthday, her zodiac sign is Cancer.

She was born in Brazil, which means that her nationality is Brazilian, such as her partner. She comes from the typical Brazilian family, who just can't live without football.

Anna has three sisters, as her sister names are she is one of four Anna Paula Ortega, Anna Carol Ortega and Anna Beatriz Ortega.

Casemiro's wife works as a makeup artist, which apparently is the reason why she looks so well. She also has a bachelor's degree in Business Administration.

She post quite often on her official Instagram profile pictures of her and Casemiro sharing their special moments together. She also likes to share with her followers, who are over 251K, that she supports her husband, as she posts pictures of her at Santiago Bernabeu.

However, another interesting fact about Anna Mariana Casemiro is that she is very close with Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez. The both follow each other on Instagram.

Another famous WAG that is among Anna Mariana Casemiro followers is Larissa Pereira, the wife of Roberto Firmino, who is Casemiro's teammate from the Brazil national team.

You can check Anna Mariana Casemiro Instagram here.

Casemiro family

Casemiro and Anna Mariana Ortega have been blessed with one beautiful child.

On March 6, 2016, Anna Mariana Casemiro gave birth to Casemiro's daughter, Sara Casemiro.