Last Updated: 31/10/2020, 11:58 am

Raphael Varane wife - Camille Tytgat

Raphael Varane has been one of the key players for Real Madrid in recent years. The Frenchman has helped the Los Blancos win many major trophies and he even won the World Cup in 2018.


However, we decided to take a closer look not on his professional achievements, but on his personal ones.


You will learn more about his wife Camille Tytgat, so let’s begin.

Who is Raphaël Varane wife?

Raphael Varane has been married to the beautiful Camille Tytgat since 2015.


The couple have dated for several years before they decided that it is finally time to take the next step in their relationship.


Raphael and Camille first started to date in 2011 and оn June 20, 2015 they got married in a very beautiful wedding ceremony attended by their families and friends.

Who is Camille Tytgat?

Now, after we already know when Varane began his relationship, it is time to dig in deeper in Camille Tytgat biography.


Camille Tytgat was born in 1993, meaning that her age is 28, but we are not quite sure about the exact date.


Camille Tytgat was born in France, which means that her nationality is French, such as her husband's.


The blonde beauty is very private about her personal life. She does not like to share any personal information regarding her parents or siblings.


We also have no information about her occupation.


However, what we actually know is that she studied Law at university.


Camille Tytgat prefers to maintain a low profile on social media too.

She can’t be found on Instagram or Twitter, as she does not have any social media accounts.


However, from what we’ve seen we can say one thing about Camille Tytgat – she is a great wife.


She is always there to support Rapha on his big games. Camille often can be seen in the crowd cheering for her husband.


She is the just perfect, right? Beautiful, smart and supportive, what more could you want!

Raphael Varane family

Rapha Varane and Camille Tytgat have been blessed with one child, but just for now.


On March 9, 2017, Camille gave birth to Raphael Varane son, Ruben Varane.


In 2020, the couple announced that Tytgat is pregnant with their second child.


So their family will have one more member very soon.