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Alessandro Bastoni Girlfrined - Camilla Bresciani

Camilla Bresciani is one of the most beautiful women you'll ever lie your eyes on. She is the stunning girlfriend of the Inter Milan defender, Alessandro Bastoni. In the following article you will find many interesting facts about Camilla Bresciani which will make you fall in love with her, so follow along so that you don't miss anything.

Alessandro Bastoni is one of the best young centre-backs and he played very well for Inter Milan, helping them to win the Serie A title for the first time in ten years. Bastoni is so good on the pitch because he has the support of his beautiful girlfriend, Camilla Bresciani.

Who is Alessandro Bastoni's girlfriend?

Alessandro Bastoni is in a relationship with the Italian beauty Camilla Bresciani. Alessandro and Camilla started dating back in May 2020 and they are going very steady at the moment.

The couple announced that they are together on their Instagram profiles. Their relationship was very well accepted by the fans. Alessandro and Camilla seem to be very in love and they are making sure to show it to the world.

Who is Camilla Bresciani?

Camilla Bresciani is mostly known for being the girlfriend of the Inter Milan defender, Alessandro Bastoni. Camilla Bresciani is also a successful entrepreneur, despite being so young.

Now let's take a closer look into Camilla Bresciani's biography and learn more about her.

Camilla Bresciani Bio

Camilla Bresciani was born on March 6, 1999, so her age is 23. According to her birthday, Camilla Bresciani's zodiac sign is Pisces, which means that she is a very romantic and kind person. Usually people born under the sign of Pisces are great partners, due to their loyalty and romantic natures. One negative side of their personality is that they can be shy at times.

Camilla Bresciani was born in Italy, meaning that her nationality is Italian, such as her boyfriend's.

Camilla Bresciani Family

Camilla Bresciani's parents raised their daughter right and helped her to become the person she is today. Camilla grew up in a very supportive and loving environment. Her childhood was blissful and full of fun moments and good memories.

Camilla Bresciani has one sibling, a younger sister, Isabella Bresciani and they are very close.

Camilla Bresciani Education

Camilla Bresciani graduated high school in her hometown in Italy. The details around Camilla Bresciani's further education are quite unclear. It is unknown if Camilla enrolled in university or if she chose to follow her dreams and pursue a career.

Camilla Bresciani Professional Career

Camilla Bresciani is a successful entrepreneur with her own brand. She is also a model and a fashion lover.

Camilla Bresciani has her own clothing brand called . Her boyfriend seems to love her clothes as he can be often seen wearing sweatshirts and t-shirts with the logo of the brand.

Camilla Bresciani decided to create something of her own because she is a fashion lover.

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Camilla Bresciani Net Worth

Camilla Bresciani's net worth is under review at the moment so stay tuned for further information. Camilla has not disclosed any info regarding her income from her business, so we can't be sure of her net worth.

Alessandro Bastoni's net worth is estimated to be around €1 Million. Bastoni's annual salary is around €500,000 and his weekly wage is €9,615.4, making him one of the lowest paid Inter players.

Camilla Bresciani Social Media

Camilla Bresciani is very popular on social media and the fans love her. There are already several fan pages of her on Instagram. Camilla gained her popularity after she announced that she is dating Alessandro Bastoni.

You can check Camilla Bresciani's Instagram here, she goes by the nickname @camilla_bresciani.

Camilla Bresciani Body Measurements

Camilla Bresciani's height is around 5 ft 4 inch (165 cm) and her weight is around 50 kg. Camilla takes great care of her body and she tries to eat as healthier as possible and she works out as often as possible. Her body measurements are still not available so stay tuned for further information as we are working on it.

Camilla also has several tattoos on her body. She is a real tattoo lover.