Serie A

Serie A matches are being postponed because of Coronavirus

The Prime Minister of Italy has announced that all sporting events in the Lombardy and Veneto region will be postponed due to an outbreak of the Coronavirus.

That means Sunday’s Serie A matches between: Verona vs Cagliari, Atalanta vs Sassuolo and Inter vs Sampdoria are not expected to go ahead.

Inter officially confirmed the postponement of their game via their official website in the early hours of Sunday

“Minister of Sport Spadafora intends to suspend all sporting events planned for Sunday in the Veneto and Lombardy regions,” said Conte’s statement.

The news comes following an announcement on Saturday that 42 matches in the amateur and youth leagues had also been called off.

Entire areas of Lombardy and Veneto are currently on lockdown due to the virus, which has so far caused two deaths in Italy.